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Commercial painting


CommercialPainting.Com is a painting company that services all 50 states. We provide services such as Commercial Painting, Parking lot Striping, light Pole Painting, Warehouse floor striping, and so much more. We started out as a national painting company in 1999 and we believe we have since mastered our trade. We are friendly, professional, clean cut, and we all love what we do. Our crews have completed Commercial Painting Projects just about everywhere. We have worked in over 40 states including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Some of our customers own small town businesses, and some are among the biggest companies in the world. We treat every job the same no matter the size. Our success we believe comes from a simple formula. We answer our calls, We return E-Mails, We show up when we’re supposed to, and we do the job the way it is supposed to be done. Very simple! We choose to run a painting company why not do it the way its meant to be done.


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Running a National Commercial Painting Company and marketing to the entire country gives us the opportunity to bid a very large quantity of work. Once that work is secured, then what?  Now we need to get it done! That’s where the key to our success comes in, Our employees. We have the best employees in the business. Everyone we hire or partner with is required to have a minimum of five years experience in Commercial Painting. Most of our supervisors, estimators, and office staff have been with the company since day one (24 years ago). Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and very hard working. We look for people that take pride in their work and are proud of what they accomplished at the end of the day. | Our equipment probably owns more equipment than any other commercial painters out there. We like to have the right tools for every project and we like them available when we need them. Not having the proper tools leads to more cost and delays. We learned years ago that having control over the availability and quality of our tools and equipment make everything much easier and the only one responsible for delays at that point would be us. Customers make sacrifices and put time into planning for their painting projects and do not want to hear that their project is not starting on time because a lift can’t be delivered, or the correct equipment is not available to rent that week. We show up with everything we need to make projects go as smooth as possible for us, our client, and their employees or customers.


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