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Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Commercial Painting in North Carolina – Is a service we provide to customers across all of North Carolina. Our supervisors and crew leaders all have a minimum of ten years experience. Our company trained laborers have a minimum of five years experience. Because of this we can complete commercial painting projects of any size, whether you have a single location or a 100 location project across NC. ( or the entire country), we have you covered. owners got started in 1999. Because of ever changing economies and situations we have literally learned to paint just about everything.  Some of the services we have provided to literally thousands of clients across North Carolina are listed below.



Interior Painting NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Interior Painting in North Carolina – Interior painting is a service we provide at all levels. From retail stores to distribution centers and manufacturing plants we can paint it all. Because we have Commercial Painters that love what they do it makes it easy for  your interior painting project go smooth. So our crews focus on having as minimal as possible disruption to your employees, and customers. We always use the best products to insure your paint project will last for years to come. Interior Painting covers a large range of painting. Because 


Exterior Painting NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Exterior Painting in North Carolina – Exterior painting has a huge range of services and we cover them all. has the name, the experience, the equipment, and the technical knowledge to complete any type of exterior painting. Some examples of the exterior painting we specialize in is : Masonry Painting | Metal building painting | Structural Steel painting | Storefront Painting | Light Pole Painting | Sprinkler pipe painting | Waterproof Coatings | Pressure Washing | Roof Coatings | apartment Complex painting | Condominium Building Painting | and much more. We warranty everything we do including materials, and labor and we offer free commercial Painting quotes anywhere in New Hampshire, and also to the rest of the country.



Parking Lot Striping NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Parking Lot Striping in North Carolina – Parking lot Striping is the painting of parking lots, parking garages, roads, etc.  Line striping / Parking Lot Striping not only adds to your properties curb appeal, but also reduces liability by creating a safe environment for cars, and pedestrians to move properly throughout your property. Parking Garage Striping makes your business of parking most efficient by utilizing every square foot of space.  Line Striping is a service we have provided for 24 years across and projects throughout the entire country. We can re-stripe your parking lot | Parking Garage | Apartment Complex | City Streets, and intersections, shopping centers & malls And much more.   We can Re-Stripe your current layout or do a custom layout that meets code, and will make your parking area safe, bright, and efficient.


Floor Grinding NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Floor Grinding in North Carolina – This service is necessary in many different applications. when applying an epoxy, or high performance floor, the concrete will need to be profiled and clean to accept the coating. when Epoxy floors are not properly prepared the chance of the Epoxy failing is close to 100%. When removing carpeting or tile, the mortar, carpet glue, and adhesives will be left behind and need to be removed before a new floor can be installed. We have the best equipment available to do this type of prep. Our machines make it easy to get the job done quicker, cleaner, and with the highest attention to detail.  The specialty grinders we use are propane machines which means no special wiring or long extension cords are needed. We offer floor grinding to flooring contractors, tile contractors, carpeting companies, facility managers, property owners, and home owners.


Epoxy Floor Painting NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Epoxy Floor Painting in North Carolina– There are hundreds of different applications and effects that can be done with Epoxy to paint floors. These can be chosen strictly for decorative reasons, and some are to meet certain specifications. Resilience, Durability, Cleanliness, FDA Approval, Colors, and Chemical resistance, are just a few popular reasons epoxy floors are chosen over other flooring substrates. We use company trained employees and sometimes approved vendors that we partner with depending on the type of floor requested. We guarantee everything we do and use only the highest quality products available today. With epoxy floor painting  prep work is the key to success. We have all of the equipment needed and can handle everything from a single car garage floor to a very large manufacturing plant or distribution center.  



Sprinkler Pipe Painting NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Sprinkler Pipe Painting in North Carolina – has probably painted more sprinkler pipes than anyone in the commercial painting industry. painting piping is a specialty of ours and we are very fast and efficient at doing so. owning all of our equipment ensures there is never a delay or problem getting our projects completed on time. Our Paint reps and sales team specifies the best products made for each application, and situation, and include the longest warranty available on materials, and labor.  We are sprinkler pipe painters but also paint every other type of pipe, poles, steel, and more. Some cities have a code on pipe colors and requirements to easily identify piping in commercial and industrial buildings, factories, manufacturing plants, and more.


Light Pole Painting NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Light Pole Painting in North Carolina – specializes in Light Pole Painting. We service all of Georgia and also travel across the country for national projects. We also do sign pole painting, Street light painting, Highway signs, Road signs, Intersection Traffic Lights, Flag Poles, and much more. Some of our clients we service are: Cities | Boroughs | Car Dealerships | Malls | Shopping Centers | Apartment Complexes | Office Buildings | Amusement Parks | Distribution Centers | Restaurants | Schools | hotels | and anyone with Light poles on their property. When it comes to Light Pole Painting in North Carolina, No-one comes close.


Metal Building Painting NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Metal Building Painting in North Carolina – Changes in todays world have led to the construction of bigger and bigger metal buildings. As a result, The amount of building we paint has tripled. Our experienced Commercial Painters and have painted millions of paintable square feet on metal buildings. These metal buildings have many different uses and produce very high traffic. Our expertise to work in these conditions efficiently, and with no disruption to the business sets us apart. The services that included metal building painting we have completed over the years are: | Distribution Center Painting | Warehouse Painting | Trucking Terminal Painting | Manufacturing Plant Painting | Shipping Center Painting | Storage Facility Painting | and much more.  equipment Dealership Painting | And much more.



PressureWashing NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Pressure Washing in North Carolina – Pressure washing is something we do to prep before almost every project we do. It removes dust, dirt, oxidation, loose peeling paint, and helps ensure a clean paintable surface. We also pressure wash buildings and properties to keep them clean for maintenance purposes. The equipment is the key, we have the equipment needed to do: | hot pressure washing | high psi pressure washing| soft washing | Paint stripping | and any other types of pressure cleaning.


Warehouse Floor Striping NC | Commercial Painting in North Carolina

Warehouse Floor Striping in North Carolina – Floor striping in warehouses has become in demand over the past ten years. One million SF distribution centers, warehouses and factories larger than we have ever seen have become the new workplace for hundreds of employees. Striping is the painting of the lines on the floors throughout these properties to navigate employees, visitors, and forklifts safely throughout the buildings. Properly striped isles help pedestrians move safely without being in the harm of dangerous machines, forklift traffic, and danger. Forklift lanes and markings make it easier for operators to do their jobs without the worry of people crossing in their paths. Markings are also used to identify product locations, isle numbers, truck bay numbers, forklift charging stations, and much more. We can grind, measure, and paint any patterns needed to meet  the specifications of any warehouse facility.


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Commercial Painting in North Carolina

  • Restaurant Painters                         
  • School Painters                            
  • Shopping Center Painters               
  • Office Painters                              
  • Fuel Tank Painters
  • Retail Store Painting                         
  • Warehouse Painters                    
  • Machinery Painters 
  • Bank Painters                                    
  • Condominium Painters                    
  • National Painters               
  • Parking Garage Painters                  
  • Apartment Complex Painters          
  • North Carolina Painters
  • Hotel Painters                                    
  • Casino Painters
  • Storage Facility Painters                  
  • Hospital Painters
  • Silo Painters


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Our Office Staff, Sales Team, and Project Estimators have all been in the Commercial Painting Business for more than 15 years. We answer calls, show up for estimates, Return E-Mails, and have excellent communication skills. The mission is to always be adding new clients, while keeping all of the great customers who have been giving us Commercial Painting projects for years. The people we employ have the experience needed to smoothly complete projects and meet deadlines and budget numbers that some Painting Companies in North Carolina would think was impossible. The key to our success is due to Competitive pricing, and Standing behind every service we perform.

We cover every city in NorthCarolina. Here is a list of some cities in NC. Charlotte | Raleigh | Greensboro | Durham | Winston- Salem | Fayetteville | Cary | Wilmington | High Point | Concord | Asheville Greenville | Gastonia | Jacksonville | 


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